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Safeguard AEO

As the increase in declarations begins to affect the major ports of the UK, importers will need to get themselves a ‘cutting edge’ to ensure their freight moves faster through the ports than their competitors. Authorised Economic Operator accreditation is the best method to get that ‘cutting edge.’ As an AEO you will be viewed as a ‘trusted trader’ by HMRC when they come to prioritise their examinations. You will jump to the front of the queue when it comes to getting your freight through the ports.

The route to AEO accreditation is simplified by using the unique Safeguard AEO self- assessment tools to conduct an in-depth check of your security and customs compliance. Its unique traffic light scoring system highlights areas where you need to improve compliance.

This removes the need for customs consultants meaning your application can be done ‘in house’ by your own people.

For more information including a short informative video please visit the website or call for a quote on 0203 874 3570 or our number 01273 901200.

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HABS are the customs advisors in this exciting project focussed on amalgamating all the aspects of border technology into a smart seal that will ensure users can control their integrated supply chains. It is a cost effective, credible and scalable device using blockchain technology in a unique way to provide an effortless, secure solution to getting freight across borders.

Known as ‘Truckpass’ it is a secure frictionless border pass and will provide a solution for haulier’s post Brexit. It also solves the challenges presented by the current red tape imposed by Brexit on the border crossings between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

For more information including a short informative video please visit the website or call 0203 987 6723.

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Brexit Partners

Brexit Partners are a specialist Brexit advisory firm with a proven track record in providing ongoing Brexit analysis, advice and business change services to countries, industries and organisations.

They are a multi-disciplinary team of Brexit specialists with backgrounds in Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Finance.

Their team consists of former Government Ministers, members of the House of Lords, former Presidents of major financial services businesses, former Global Heads of Risk & Compliance for major corporations and economists and business professors from major academic institutions.