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Completion of customs import and export declarations

HABS offers a customs declaration service to individuals and companies who require declarations to be made to clear their goods.

We can provide a service to logistic operators and hauliers who are looking for ‘one off’ declarations to be made at the request of their long-established clients.

Entry in declarants records (EIDR)

Currently to clear the backlog of Customs declarations building up in UK traders records we are offering a discount based on the number of declarations required to clear your liabilities. The sooner you choose HABS the quicker we can build a relationship with you for when border declarations are required, and your freight is at its biggest risk of suffering delays.

Bespoke customs planning and mentoring

We can ensure your company’s processes are compliant with the ever changing UK trade policy.

Our mentoring service will help support your business in an increasingly complex and changing borders environment.

Delaying declarations for EU goods brought into Great Britain

17 June 2021

Please note that you must have the correct HMRC authorisation in place in order to declare under this procedure. 

You cannot use "pre-lodged full declarations" for this.

We can help with your Entry in Declarants Records (EIDR), and are offering a discount based on the number of declarations required.

Through the following link, you can check if you can delay sending HMRC full information about your goods by up to 175 days and what actions you need to take before the deadline.


Safeguard AEO - AEO "Trusted Trader" applications and supply chain security via Elandbridge.